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Emily’s Oz

An advert, aired for the first time during last the Oscars ceremony, bringing to life a blind little girl’s vision of how children’s favourite, The Wizard of Oz, looks to her.

In ‘Emily’s Oz’, the amazingly creative young girl describes how she sees the famous characters in the much loved film.

“I think about the shape, I think about colour, and I also think about sound, I take into my brain, and I think about what [the movie] would look like to me.”

A tear jerker to say the least!! What a lovely idea.

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Ikea – Everyday Heroes

“Everyday Heroes,” – by Swedish agency Forsman & Bodenfors – is a moving celebration of the different household fixtures that improve lives, constantly, in myriad little ways, but still can’t get any respect.

Very epic! Great ad – so simple, and everyone can relate.

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