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The media continues to make a mockery of trans*

Yet another advert that ‘simplifies’ gender identity and what it means to be trans*. To me, this is no different to racist ads 50+ years ago – it needs to stop.

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What the hell happened to Cravendale?

Apparently the original tune was creepy? I’ve tried to find out why the song was changed, but can’t find anything! Weird…

Anyway, he’s an interesting video about the Making of directed by Leandro Santini:

Cravendale-The Making Of from Joseph Mann on Vimeo.

Christmas Ads 2014

Sainsbury’s vs John Lewis

A lot of people have told me that they prefer the Sainsbury’s ad to the John Lewis ad, but I must say Monty the Penguin does melt my heart!

But… there’s also another great Christmas ad from Mulberry (adam&eveDDB):

Lidl turns its attention to Morrisons in cheeky ad showing how to get Lidl deals

Having played with Sainsbury’s in its answer to the 50p challenge, Lidl turned to Morrisons in an ad in the Sun newspaper.

Taking a pointed look at the stages Morrisons customers need to go through in order to get the same prices as a Lidl shop, the full page ad suggests you ‘just go to Lidl’.

This forms part of a wider campaign by TBWA\London which looks to introduce Lidl to those who shop at the ‘Big 4’ supermarkets.