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Zac Freeman

I have found this amazing artist who creates images from rubbish! No idea how he has the patience to do it.

My work focuses primarily on portraits created by assembling found objects, disposable goods, and the leftover trash of things we consume in our society. I glue the bits of junk to a wooden substrate, a canvas, which forms the image of a portrait. The result is a stunningly realistic portrait at a distance and an interesting array of objects up close.

I am interested in communicating through visual representation in apparent 2-dimensional space and also communicating through the actual objects used for the medium in 3-dimensional space.

It is very important to me that I incorporate the actual objects into the art as opposed to a picture or rendition of it because it better expresses the intention of the artwork. I feel the junk is more powerful being present. It is an actual thing to be reckoned with that existed in this time and place and carries energy in and of itself. The result is a time capsule of objects that reflects our culture.

My assemblage artworks have continued to encapsulate cultural change. For example, grey film canister tops used in my early junk portraits are very rare now as our society has moved to digital cameras. An iPhone used as shading on a cheek looks desired one year and archaic the next as society, technology, and consumables continue to change.

I think it’s wonderful that he was asked to do Absolut Vodka artist bottles. I think those special edition bottles look great, and to be approached by Absolut is a huge compliment!

I was approached by Absolut Vodka to participate in their very famous “artist” series. Absolut started working with fine-artists in 1985 when pop icon Andy Warhol created the famous “Absolut Warhol” which quickly led to “Absolut Haring” and “Absolut Scharf.”

The Absolut campaign this time around would pose the question that all creative types are faced with, which is, what would you do with a blank canvas. 18 artists were chosen from all over the world and under the tagline “It all starts with an Absolut Blank,” we were given blank canvases in the shape of the iconic vodka bottle. The campaign, which highlights various mediums of artistic expression, launched in the UK in July 2011.

I was honored to be a part of the “Absolut Blank” campaign and continue the long tradition of Absolut working with contemporary artists. Artists in the Absolut Blank project are Adhemas Batista, Aestethic Apparatus, Alex Trochut, Brett Amory, Dave Kinsey, David Bray, Eduardo Recife, Fernando Chamarelli, Good Wives & Warriors, Jeremy Fish, Ludovica Gioscia, Marcus Jansen, Mario Wagner, Morning Breath, Robert Mars, Sam Flores, Thomas Doyle, UVA, and Zac Freeman.

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Caddisfly larvae build protective cases using materials found in their environment. Artist Hubert Duprat supplied them with gold leaf and precious stones. This is what they created.

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Why carve your sculptures when you could delicately glue thousands of perfectly cut pieces of paper together? Beijing editor and designer Li Hongbo, inspired by tradtional Chinese paper toys and decorations, applied the same methods to create these very cool, flexible paper sculptures. Watch the video below of Hongbo demonstrating his sculptures at a recent solo show at Dominik Mersche Galleryin Australia.




Amazing!! I’d be worried to touch them, they look so delicate…

Li Hongbo – Pure White Paper from Dominik Mersch Gallery on Vimeo.

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Manufacturers of personal and feminine care products Playtex has introduced ‘intimate wipes’ for you to clean up your “special” parts before and after intercourse. To advertise the wipes called ‘Fresh + Sexy’, the brand came up with a somewhat humorous campaign that contains double entendres. 

“This product was designed to address an important consumer need,” Erik Rahner, a marketing director for the brand, said in a release. “Sex isn’t always a planned event that can be prepared for. With Fresh + Sexy™ wipes, couples now have a way to be clean and ready for even the most spontaneous moments. They can be ready for intimacy whenever–and wherever–the mood strikes.” So these wipes will keep you squeaky clean, both before and after.






That is pretty funny… Not really what you’d expect from a campaign advertising such a product, so I think it works really well!

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Iran’s 1960s-Era Space Program

Photos have surfaced showing a visibly terrified monkey crudely strapped into a restraint device in which he was reportedly launched into space by the Iranian Space Agency (ISA).

Back in 2011, PETA U.K. urged agency head Dr. Hamid Fazeli to ground the misguided mission, pointing out that nonhuman primates are no longer sent into space by the American or European space agencies.

It appears that Iran is repeating the wasteful and cruel mistakes that marked the darkest days of the space race. Monkeys are smart and sensitive animals who not only are traumatized by the violence and noise of a launch and landing but also suffer when caged in a laboratory before and after a flight—if they survive.

NASA ended the use of primates in space radiation experiments in the early 1990s, following protests by PETA. In 2010, NASA’s plans to restart the program were canceled after PETA and others voiced strong ethical and scientific objections to the ill-advised plan.

Similarly, the European Space Agency (ESA) has a very active space exploration program and has publicly stated that it “declines any interest in monkey research and does not consider any need or use for such results.” The ESA instead employs modern technology such as state-of-the-art simulators to assess health risks for astronauts.

Whether it happens in Iran or Ireland, in an underground laboratory or in outer space, cruelly exploiting animals for specious science is indefensible.


I know I’m a bit late, but … what the hell?! What century are we living in? No idea what they hoped to gain out of this. I feel so so sorry for that poor monkey, they are such intelligent, alert, emotive beings.

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Gospel of Intolerance

The filmmaker Roger Ross Williams reveals how money donated by American evangelicals helps to finance a violent antigay movement in Uganda.

This is awful. I usually know quite a bit about what goes on within religious sects, but I had no idea that people in the USA actually raised money to promote homophobia because it’s a ‘sin’. The most disturbing part is the Americans mumbling bullshit into the children’s ears, trying to brainwash them.

And that is why you should never give money to charities (especially religious charities) unless you know EXACTLY what it goes towards.

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EU set to ban animal testing for cosmetics forever

Campaign pioneers The Body Shop and Cruelty Free International celebrate after 20 years of activism. 

After over 20 years of campaigning, ethical beauty retailer The Body Shop and non-profit organisation Cruelty Free International are finally celebrating the end to animal testing for cosmetics in Europe with the anticipated announcement that the import and sale of animal tested cosmetic products and ingredients is to be banned in the EU on 11th March 2013.

This ground breaking victory means that from 11th March onwards, anyone who wishes to sell new cosmetic products and ingredients in the EU must not test them on animals anywhere in the world. The ban affects all cosmetics including toiletries and beauty products from soap to toothpaste. The Body Shop is one of the few beauty brands who will not be affected by the ban, having always been Against Animal Testing. 

The Body Shop and Cruelty Free International are launching a range of special commemorative activities in the countdown to 11th March, sparked by personal confirmation from Commissioner Tonio Borg that the ban is due to go ahead as proposed.  Mr Borg wrote in a recent letter to the animal testing campaigners, “I believe that the ban should enter into force in March 2013 as Parliament and Council have already decided. I am therefore not planning to propose a postponement or derogation to the ban.”

The proposed ban sends a strong message worldwide in support of cruelty free beauty and in particular to countries such as China, who still demand animal testing for cosmetics, to also respond and ban testing on animals. 

Cruelty Free International Chief Executive, Michelle Thew said: “This is truly an historic event and the culmination of over 20 years of campaigning. Now we will apply our determination and vision on a global stage to ensure that the rest of the world follows this lead.”

Paul McGreevy, International Values Director at The Body Shop paid tribute to customers who have supported the company’s campaign against animal testing in cosmetics for many years and said: “This great achievement in Europe is only the closure of one chapter. The future of beauty must be cruelty free.”

In 1991, the BUAV (founder of Cruelty Free International) established a European coalition of leading animal protection organisations across Europe (ECEAE) with the objective to end the use of animal testing for cosmetics. This set in motion a high-profile public and political campaign across Europe spanning over 20 years.  In 1993, The Body Shop, the first beauty company to take action on animal testing for cosmetics, supported   the campaign by enlisting the support of its consumers across Europe. Three years later in 1996, Dame Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop, joined members of the ECEAE and MEPs in presenting a petition containing 4 million signatures to the European Commission.

In 2012, the BUAV established Cruelty Free International, the first global organisation dedicated to ending cosmetics animal testing worldwide. The Body Shop together with Cruelty Free International launched a new international campaign which has so far resulted in customers from 55 countries signing a global pledge supporting an end to animal testing for cosmetics forever

Cruelty Free International Chief Executive Michelle Thew is meeting with Commissioner Tonio Borg on Wednesday 30th January on behalf of the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE) to discuss the implementation of the ban.


Well that’s just bloody wonderful!! Very happy about this.

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Safernet Brasil: Grown ups, 2

Some people see children as grown ups.
Help us stop child abuse.


Advertising Agency: Propeg, Brazil
Creative Directors: Ana Luisa AlmeidaMauricio Passarinho
Art Directors: Mauro MartinsSeiki Fabricio
Copywriter: Mauricio Oliveira
Retoucher: Cristian Girotto
Photographer: Quentin Curtat
MUA: Alexandra Hannoun
Additional credits: Vitor Barros
Published: February 2013


This is so weird … so eerie. I think the second one is the best. Really good idea for a campaign.

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Transgender student shoved out of Union toilets

A transgender student has been verbally abused and pushed out of the Union’s female toilets. The incident occurred in the early hours of Saturday morning, during Fruity. Alexis, a Microbiology student who is currently transitioning to become a woman, was shouted at and shoved in the chest by two girls. Alexis spoke to Leeds Student about the incident: “I’m very angry at those girls. I know better than anyone that I don’t look like a girl yet. Misgendering me is something I expect, but grabbing my breasts and shoving me is completely unacceptable.”

Security were called to the scene and spoke to the girls in question. A Union spokesperson told this paper: “As a Union we support the right of transgender students to use the toilets in which they feel most comfortable. A member of our security team explained the situation to the two females and they said that they understood.” Alexis added: “It’s wrong for a natural-born girl to insult a trans girl, especially one who prefers to dress more masculine, simply because she likes to. We’re doing the best we can – you’re lucky to have been born that way, and we can dress however we please, just like you.”The second year student did not wish to take any further action but added: “The security staff were excellent, and I really appreciate what they did”. The Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Society (LGBT) currently has two dedicated Trans* welfare officers. The society said: “The welfare of our members is the number one priority of our society and we’ve been working closely with the Union to raise awareness of the added struggles that Trans* people face.” In January 2010 a Better Union forum passed an idea to introduce gender-neutral toilets.

The Union’s Equality and Diversity officer, Charlie Hopper, said “Since the idea to create a gender neutral toilet passed in 2010 the Union has made progress in ensuring support for Trans* students, including Trans* awareness training for staff”

LGBT’s trans welfare officers can be contacted on

Words: Lucy Snow


Who on earth acts like this? I would be so embarrassed to be associated with or related to someone who is so biggited. You would have to be seriously uneducated and unhappy with your own life to do that.

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A Landmark for equality in Britain

“Today is an important day. I am a strong believer in marriage. It helps people commit to each other and I think it is right that gay people should be able to get married too,”

“This is, yes, about equality. But it is also about making our society stronger. I know there are strong views on both side of the argument – I accept that. But I think this is an important step forward for our country.” – David Cameron

I could not be happier! What wonderful news! Despite not blogging for a while, I HAD to write about this. (Check out the bill details here)

Maria Miller new position worried me that we would not see this new law for a very long time, but I am so chuffed she sees a strong difference between marriage and civil ceremonies.

MPs voted 400 to 175 in supporting the government’s Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill – a majority of 225 votes – following an afternoon of heated debate in the House of Commons.

It brings great warmth to my heart that people in this country are able to MARRY those they love, whether it be religious or non-religious ceremonies, because love is love, and gender or sex does not define that. It seems that the UK has taken a leaf out of the USA’s book! Wonderful.

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