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‘Xbox One: Invitation’ Advert

Client: Microsoft
Spot: “Invitation”
Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky
Worldwide Chief Creative Officer: Rob Reilly
Executive Creative Director: Adam Chasnow
Creative Directors: Alex Lea, Avital Pinchevsky, Michael Raso, Matt Elhardt
Sr. Art Director: Robbin Ingvarsson
Sr. Copywriter: Waldemar Wegelin
Director of Video Production: Chad Hopenwasser
Executive Integrated Producer: Aaron Kovan
Jr. Integrated Producer: Jamie Slade
Production Company & City: Hungry Man, LA
Director: Bryan Buckley
VFX Director: Phil Crowe
Executive Producer: Mino Jarjoura
Line Producer: Brady Vant Hull
Director of Photography: Scott Henrikson
Editorial Company & City: Cut + Run, Santa Monica
Editor: Jay Nelson
Assistant Editors: Dustin Zimmerman, Brooke Rupe
Senior Producer: Amburr Farls
Mix Company & City: Lime Studios
Audio Engineer: Mark Meyuhas
Audio Engineer Assistant: Matt Miller
Executive Integrated Producer/Music, Talent + Public Works: Bill Meadows
Integrated Music Producer: Chip Herter
Post Production Company & City: The Mill, LA
Executive Producer: Jo Arghiris
Producer: Anastasia Von Rahl
Sr. Flame Compositor: Tim Bird
Flame Compositor: Jake Maymudes
Telecine Ep: Larue Anderson
Telecine: Adam Scott
Colorist: Adam Scott
Account Director: Evan Russack
Management Supervisor: Laura Likos
Content Supervisor: Cara Finkbeiner
Content Managers: Jessica Cohen, Madison Morris
Business Affairs Manager: Natalie Greenman
Group Director, Planning: Jason De Turris
Traffic Managers: Kelton Wright, Alex Blumfelder
Sound Design: Stephen Dewey – Machine Head, Mark Meyuhas – Lime Studio

Microsoft usually always have fantastic ads. Visually great, and I love the idea. Must have been so fun to be involved in!

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‘Halloween Treats Gone Wrong’ Campaign

Client: Crest and Oral-B
Spot: “Halloween Treats Gone Wrong”
Agency: Publicis Kaplan Thaler
Chief Creative Officer, President: Rob Feakins
Executive Creative Directors: David Corr, Tony Gomes
Creative Director, Copywriter: George Logothetis
Creative Director, Art Director: Xavier Rodon
Executive Producer: Noelle Nimrichter
Account Team: Angela Pasqualucci, Cheryl Loo, Carine Johannes, Alex Andrial, Dani Winter
Production Company: Tool of North America
Director: J.J. Adler
Editing: Fluid Editorial
Editor: John Piccolo


Very cute and original!
“I threw up” hahaha

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Paxman Vs Brand

This is EXACTLY why I don’t vote!
I am not ashamed that I have never voted, I’m not un-interested in politics, and I certainly appreciate my rights as a woman. BUT, I do not appreciate politicians and their broken promises, so I do not vote for the exact same reasons stated by Brand, and haven’t done so for 3 years.

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Are you a man or a woman? Yes, thanks.

Fantastic post! Strange how people can be so ignorant and unaware of how forward they’re being, even at such an event!
To be honest, it’s my dream to attend something like that. You are an inspiration.

Eminem, I’m disappointed in you.

Eminem has been on the music scene since my childhood, and I’ve enjoyed his songs, lyrics, videos and his witty humour. His success makes him no less of a rapper than underground artists (despite many of them believing so), and I fully appreciate the message of his song ‘Rap God’. However, his use (I typed ‘overuse’, then back tracked … it should never be used) of the word ‘fag’ and ‘faggot’ has made me lose all respect for him. Perhaps I have missed, in the past, previous use of this word in his songs, but in ‘Rap God’, he says it 4 times. There is no justification for using such an offensive word (the same goes for ‘nigger’, of which many black artists use … which I cannot fathom any justification for), and I believe as long as such influential people continue to use derogatory; crass language, homophobia (and general discrimination) will continue to exist. Particularly, in the case of todays youth, where using ‘gay’ as an adjective is common in every day conversation. Whilst I (ashamedly) had used this in my early teen years, as it was popular to do so, I am repeatedly shocked to hear people of my own age (18-21+) using ‘gay’ to describe something negative. I wish every person who decides to use this word as an adjective replace it with the word ‘black’, and see how stupid and offensive it sounds.
Just the other day I was watching the fantastic series on ITV1 ‘Masters of Sex’, and the doctor treated a patient from ‘the negro ward’ – both my partner and I looked at each in a ‘wtf?!’ manner, and I have this exact same reaction when people use ‘gay’ as an adjective or openly use the word ‘fag’/’faggot’. (As Macklemore once said in ‘Same Love’, “humans rights for everybody, there is no difference”!!!) It is of huge importance of me to make it clear to people that using such language is ignorant, OFFENSIVE and moronic. Using a sexuality as an adjective or the way to describe someone negatively is simply simple-minded and puerile. We do not (most of us, I’d hope) use the ‘n word’ to describe black people anymore, and I hope for the same with gay people.
I do not think people (especially of my generation) appreciate how amazingly far the world has developed with human rights, particularly LGBT rights. You don’t have to be gay/bi/trans/whatever to appreciate the positive impact equality has on the world, you simply need to have an open mind, an open heart, and a clear, intelligent understanding of what is offensive. [If you think this is an overreaction, I feel genuinely disheartened and sorry for you that you cannot put yourself in someone else’s shoes, that you cannot relate and sympathise with others, even if they share no similarities with you. We are all human.] I believe the impact words have on people, especially young people, needs to be made clearer.
It is deeply insulting to thousands of people who have protested, sacrificed, and put their lives at risk for MANY years, all over the world, to gain rights for the LGBT community, by using one word. People fought to have black segregation removed (I still can’t fathom that that was actually a thing!!), and we now need to fight for the understanding of sexuality and gender. It is all the same. We are all the same!!!

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Ruined Faces of Smokers Are Turned Into Halloween Masks in Britain

“A series of shocking masks have been designed to demonstrate the real and frightening health risks associated with smoking.

As well as highlighting the horrors of mouth and throat cancers, macular degeneration and periodontal disease, the masks show premature ageing of the skin and early greying of the hair, as part of a new campaign.

The masks were inspired by health warnings on cigarette packets and are designed to educate and shock smokers into giving up cigarettes.”

the masks (pictured) show premature ageing “At first, I was tempted to say these masks go too far and seem to display the ravages of crystal meth more than smoking. In fact, that’s not the case. Smoking can do hella harm to one’s personal appearance, which often holds the key to identity and self-esteem. Playing on vanity might prove jarring enough to get smokers to at least consider quitting. Imagine looking into a mirror someday and seeing an image that resembles one of these masks. That’s a possibility no one wants to face.”

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DORITOS – Crash the Super Bowl 2014 – The Crash Ambassador

“For the eighth year in a row, Doritos is giving aspiring Mad Men (and Mad Women) the chance to create an ad to air during the Super Bowl and win $1 million in the process. To kick off this year’s contest, the brand enlisted the help of the Crash Ambassador, a mustachioed, turtleneck-wearing, shamelessly Ron Burgundy-esque executive to lay down the rules.

For the eighth year in a row, Doritos is giving aspiring Mad Men (and Mad Women) the chance to create an ad to air during the Super Bowl and win $1 million in the process. To kick off this year’s contest, the brand enlisted the help of the Crash Ambassador, a mustachioed, turtleneck-wearing, shamelessly Ron Burgundy-esque executive to lay down the rules.
In the tongue-in-cheek Web video below, created by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, Mr. Ambassador announces that for the first time, the competition is GLOBAL (emphasis his), which means that even you, guy from Greece, can submit your very own ad. And the big prize this year—apart from the usual having-your-work-seen-by-100-million-people and getting a million bucks—is the opportunity to work on the set of Marvel’s newest Avengers movie (although in what capacity is left up in the air—craft services, perhaps?).”

Client: Doritos
Project: Crash the Super Bowl 2014
Spot: “The Crash Ambassador”
Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
Co-Chairman, Partner: Jeff Goodby
Creative Director: Ben Wolan
Copywriter: Nick Morrissey
Art Director: Tim Green
Art Director: Shravan Hegde
Head of Broadcast Production, Associate Partner: Cindy Fluitt
Executive Broadcast Producer: Hilary Coate
Broadcast Producer: Leila Seghrouchni
Interactive Producer: Austin Kim
Head of Brand Strategy: Andy Grayson
Brand Strategist: Michael Whitten
Director of Account Management, Associate Partner: Brian McPherson
Account Director: Michael Crain
Account Manager: Theo Abel
Operations Manager: Mallory Frye
Business Affairs Manager: Chrissy Shearer
Production Company: World War Seven
Director: Shillick
Director of Photography: Michael Parry
Executive Producers: Joshua Ferrazzano, David Shafei
Line Producer: Wade Harpootlian
Editing Company: World War Seven
Editor: Brady Hammes
Executive Producer: David Shafei
Visual Effects, Final Conform: Coyote Post
Visual Effects Lead: Nick Frew
Visual Effects Artists: Adam Petke, Colin Kohler, Chris Friend, Abo Biglarpour, Bogdan Ciornei
Producer: Julie Hansen
Music: Schizo Pop Music
Sound Design, Mix: Beacon Street
Engineer: Mike Franklin
Producer: Caitlin Rocklen
Telecine: Coyote Post
Colorist: Paul Byrne

Why can’t I live in the USA?! (no, I do love it here.)
Very eccentric, very funny. I’ve just read some of the YouTube comments… how is this humour not funny?!

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Flickr: Santiago Gamero

Flickr: Santiago Gamero

I found this photographer whilst blogging, and really love his photography work. I’ve always had a huge interest in people, as a study, and whenever I’ve drawn or photographed something, it’s always been people-based. Fantastic work!

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 12.07.39

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Best metaphor in advertising 2013?



“Provo, Utah, uses a swimming pool as a concrete visual of how broadband just can’t compete with Google’s high-speed Internet service, which is coming to the city next month. Taken literally, broadband is a homely man wearing a sash, and Google Fiber is a waste of city resources that totally ruins his bathrobe. But really, this ad, released by the city itself, is a clever piece of work. It’s always nice when funny ads are made by people with decent comedic timing.”


Very funny! I wish we had this ad in the UK.

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