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Curiosity rover captures incredible snap of Martian moon moving across the sun creating a mini-eclipse

“Nasa’s Curiosity rover continues to impress – sending back more snaps of Mars eclipses and a particular pyramid shaped rock.

A new extraordinary photograph of one of the Red Planet’s two moons as it passes across the sun has emerged.

The photo shows Deimos, Mars’ smaller moon, moving over the sun to create a partial eclipse on Monday.

asdfMartian eclipse: This picture was taken from the surface of Mars by the Curiosity rover and shows the moon Deimos moving across the face of the sun on September 17

The first pictures of the Martian mini-eclipses were revealed last weekend when Phobos, the larger of the two moons, just jutted into Mars’s view of the sun.

In that picture Phobos appears to be taking a ‘bite’ out of the sun whereas in the latest photo of Deimos, the smaller moon darkens the sun much more clearly.

Phobos measures 14 miles in width while Deimos has a width of just eight miles but the larger moon seems bigger when seen from Mars because it orbits so much closer.

Phobos orbits 5,800 miles versus 14,580 miles for Deimos, reported NBC.

asdfPhobos: The first pictures of the Martian mini-eclipses were revealed last weekend when Phobos, the larger of the two moons, just jutted into Mars’s view of the sun, seen here

Phobos and Deimos are closer to Mars than our moon is to Earth, so they shoot across the sky relatively quickly. Phobos takes less than eight hours to circle Mars. Deimos takes about 30 hours to make the trip.

And while Mars may be a little further away from the sun than we are here on Earth, it would still be damaging to look directly into its light from the Red Planet. If Curiosity pointed its regular lens straight at the sun, it could have been destroyed.

So instead the rover used a neutral density filter, cutting down the sun’s intensity by a factor of 1,000, according to NBC News.

Besides the mini-eclipses, Curiosity is concentrating on an intriguing pyramid shaped rock the size of a football.

The rock carries the honour of being the first to be examined by rover’s robotic arm.

asdfCurious: The rover is concentrating on this intriguing pyramid shaped rock the size of a football. This new photograph was released on Friday 21


asdfPatriotic: This view of the United States flag medallion was taken by the rover’s Mars Hand Lens ImagerThe flag is one of four ‘mobility logos’ placed on the rover’s mobility rocker arms


asdfTraditional: A plaque bearing several signatures of U.S. officials, including that of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden is seen on Mars rover Curiosity’s deck

It lies about halfway from the rover’s landing site, Bradbury Landing, to a location called Glenelg.

The team plans to touch the rock with a spectrometer to determine its elemental composition and use an arm-mounted camera to take close-up photographs.

Both the arm-mounted Alpha Particle X-Ray Spectrometer and the mast-mounted, laser-zapping Chemistry and Camera Instrument will be used for identifying elements in the rock.

Nasa hopes this will give them a new insight into the structure of the red planet, and also allow cross-checking of the two instruments.

The rock has been named ‘Jake Matijevic’ after a Nasa employee who recently passed away.

Also among the new photos sent back were snaps of Curiosity itself – a view of its U.S. flag medallion, as well as the traditional presidential plaque.”

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Ads of the Week


Advertising Agency: AR New York
Chief Creative Officer: Raul Martinez
Executive Creative Director: David Israel
Executive Producer: Helaina Buzzeo
Director of Client Services: Jason Garcia
Account Director: Kristen Opalach

Production Company: Station Film
Director: Alek Keshishian
Executive Producer: Michael Di Girolamo
Executive Producer, Producer: Caroline Gibney
Unit Production Manager: Leanne Amos
First Assistant Director: Anthony Dimino
Director of Photography: James Whitaker
Art Director: Gary Matteson

Editing Company: Cosmo Street
Editor: Tessa Davis
Executive Producer: Yvette Cobarrubias
Producer: Patty Paz
Assistant Editor: John Bradley

Post Effects Company: Arsenal FX
Visual Effects Supervisor: Lauren Mayer-Beug
Visual Effects Executive Producer: Ashley Hydrick
Visual Effects Producer: Pravina Sippy
Flame Artists: Mark Leiss, Terry Silberman
Computer Graphics Artist: David Hyatt
Design Artist: Nathan Boldman
Roto Artist: Crystal Strait

Sound Company: Beacon Street Studios
Sound Designer, Mixer: Paul Hurtubise
Producer: Caitlin Rocklen


Hilarious! Jennifer Aniston is an amazing actress, and she was perfect for this advert. This is much better than previous Smartwater ads, including perfect comedic timing whilst taking rumours about Jennifer and making them literal. It’s always good to see a celebrity be brave enough make fun of themselves.


I have no idea how Samsung got away with this! I thought there were rules about competitive strategies… Anyway, amazing advert. It actually made me consider other phones other than iPhones (as I have been told endless times are problems with iPhones … don’t get me started on the new iPhone 5!). Great timing with the new iPhone 5 coming out too. I love the clever idea of having the ‘uncool parents’ getting an iPhone,  and the ‘Samsung people’ being nice enough to queue for other people but being told off by ‘iPhone people’. Nice.


“For a child a monster can be real.
The Fragile Childhood activity has begun in 1986 and has been established as a well-known form of activity in Finland.
Fragile Childhood activities are designed to encourage people to participate anonymously in discussion and to share their thoughts about responsible parental drinking on a dedicated platform:
The campaign activities are also to highlight the fact that is still not widely understood how much harm parental drinking problems causes to children. For example, previous research has shown that every fourth Finnish child has suffered some harm because of its parent’s alcohol usage.
Take part on conversation in Twitter: #fragilechildhood
Monsters film has been planned and produced by Euro RSCG Helsinki & Grillifilms together with Sauna International & Studio Arkadena.”

This advert reminds me of some of my favourite adverts of all time by NSPCC. What an amazing advert and concept – it should be shown in the UK! Perfectly created to make people think about alcohol, and to feel a nurturing sympathy for these child victims. The facial expressions and the reactions of the children are so realistic, it’s quite haunting! The whole idea is to be haunted by the thoughts of the children, and to think about “How do our childen see us when we’ve been drinking?”

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