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Camden Market Rebrand: Thanks For Not Destroying My Youth!

Picture this: It’s 2006. I’m 14 with a passion for skinny jeans, extreme black eye makeup, numerous belts and boys with long hair. I’ve fallen in love with someone who wears higher platform boots and more eyeliner than me. Camden is life. Camden is my jam every single weekend for years. I’m on first name terms with the donut stall lady.

We’re back in 2016: I read “Camden Market rebrand by Ragged Edge”. I’m ready to rage. “How dare they try to ‘brand’ a place like Camden!” I scream (in my mind, of course. I’m at work).

Fear not, it’s not as bad as I first assumed it’d be… Camden is the short of place that has always seemed to function on its own with little marketing or advertising – a place that has been successful through word of mouth and its appealing culture – a place that exists in its own world for freedom, self expression and alternative fashion. A place that helped me become me! As a teen, Camden was one of the only places I felt truly comfortable, free from judgement, free from the burden of being a misfit. I could walk around wearing whatever I wanted, looking like a freak, with the rest of my weird friends, and never feared persecution or humiliation.

So when I read “rebrand” I thought about how those feelings couldn’t possibly be emulated in a branded, marketed environment. However, Ragged Edge seem to have done a pretty good job! The design studio created a brand identity for London’s Camden Market, including two custom typefaces inspired by the area’s iconic bridge sign by John Bulley – Camden Slab and Camden Sans (each with 4 weights). Ragged Edge describe the rebrand as “an antidote to corporate conformity”, which I think they’ve actually done successfully. Not only did they want to maintain the uniqueness of Camden, they wanted to make it relevant to a millennial audience, which works both on and offline.


Ragged Edge did a great deal of research by interviewing stallholders, residents, workers and tourists. Studio co-founder Max Ottignon says the rebrand is:

a set of tools for self-expression… to give people the flexibility to use them in an infinite range of ways. Most retail destinations have a strict corporate identity, but this would be the antithesis of Camden’s individualistic, creative spirit

The typeface allows every aspect of the market to be rebranded without the need for a logo, so Camden Market collaborated with street artist David Samuel, who used the fonts for a set of hand-painted signs.



The Creative team launched the brand ‘Unfollow Convention‘ alongside a range of Camden Market products, way-finding throughout the market and a series of experiential installations.


My verdict: It gets a thumbs-up from me. I’m so relieved they didn’t go off on a tangent and try to create something entirely unrelated to Camden. Whilst it’s strange going from an anti-industry, anarchic, inclusive, independent business led area to a place that has its own app guide and toolkit… it was bound to happen. BUT I’m glad Ragged Edge were the ones to do it, because they’ve done it well!

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Stepping into the mind of a homophobic father: Todd Glass for GLSEN

Really puts things into perspective! I wish more ads like these were made in the UK.

Dealing with unsupportive family members isn’t the only thing working against LGBTQ youth. Many families are amazing and supportive, and there are other factors that result in these kinds of tragedies.

As seen on The Huffington Post, Upworthy and Perez Hilton. Emmy-winning PSA directed by Ellen Houlihan (ellenhoulihan.com) starring standup comic Todd Glass (Louie, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Last Comic Standing) which takes on the suicide epidemic in the LGBT teen community for GLSEN: The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network’s #ThinkB4You Speak campaign. Inspired by Todd Glass’ decision to come out of the closet on a 2012 episode of the WTF with Marc Maron podcast. Subscribe to The Todd Glass Show by Nerdist Industries on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-todd-gla­ss-show/id456835323.

Directed by Ellen Houlihan (ellenhoulihan.com)
Written by Todd Glass with Daniel Kinno
Produced by Mei Melançon and Ellen Houlihan

Starring Todd Glass from The Todd Glass Show by Nerdist Industries on iTunes. Todd Glass’ TV credits include: Louie on FX, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Tosh.0. His new one-hour comedy special debuts this fall. He tours with David Cross, Louis C.K., Sarah Silverman, Jim Gaffigan and David Spade.

Featuring: Mei Melancon, Rory Scovel, Jordan Boughrum, Jeremy Olson, Tammy Klein, Blake Wexler, Christopher Meehan, Andrea Lwin, Whitmer Thomas and Sonia Curtis.

Associate Producer: David Peddicord
Edited by Ismael Diaz
Title Design by Christian Hernandez
Camera: Alex and Dawn
Sound Mixer: Jakob Beetem
Gaffer: Micael Albrecht
Key Grip: Zac Polhamus
Hair & Makeup: Traci Barrett

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