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WWF: Tiger Protector

I am not crying, I have a large twig in my eye.

Created by J. Walter Thompson London and directed by Martin Stirling, ‘#iProtectTigers’ is an emotive ad featuring a CGI tiger and a personalised book encouraging children to sign up to the charity as “tiger protectors”.
The spot sees a family nurse a tiger back to health, eventually going back into the wild, emphasising the message that we can provide care for the quickly depleting species by donating £5 a month. 95% of the world’s wild tiger population has been lost in the last 10 years…
As part of the integrated campaign, the project has been designed as a gift for children – the book can be personalised with the child’s name, gender, skin and hair colour. Even the parent role can be personalised, steering away from the usual “donate £X a month and adapt an animal” campaign.

Jasper Shelbourne, Creative Director at JWT London says:

By making people Tiger Protectors we are bringing the audience much closer to the action, something manifested in the book, film and print. And, executionally there is something uniquely engaging about a 700lb Tiger in a small bedroom in suburbia.

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Real Scary: WWF

This Halloween, the Sid Lee Collective paired with the World Wildlife Fund to create an ad featuring ‘Real Scary’ masks – a representation about the real terrors we face today – environmental issues. For Halloween we dress up as imaginary monsters, but in this campaign the costumes represent real issues we should all be scared of, such as oil spills, factory farming, overfishing and pesticides.

Jeffrey Da Silva, ECD of Sid Lee Toronto said:

The damage humans are doing to the planet is much scarier than any imaginary monster. Kids seem to know this better than adults, and Halloween night felt like the perfect time to spark a conversation about what they are truly scared of.

The campaign video runs alongside a series of posters of the ‘real scary’ monsters featured in the video:


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