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Volkswagen: Red Flashy Thingy

“Beware the Confidence” is the tag and the premise of this campaign – Ogilvy (Cape Town) created this hilarious ad for the new Volkswagen Polo which comes with a number of new features that “will make you feel more confident than ever”. The TVC is guided by narrator Bob Dunsworth and was created by Bladeworks Post Production.

I love love love the kind of ads that use a consequential narrative – they always make me laugh. Also, it’s refreshing to see an automative ad that stands out from the rest.


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Volkswagen: Laughing Horses

I’ve discovered a gem – an ad for VW’s ‘Park Assist’ feature from their Tiguan model campaign (2016). The advert is by Grabarz & Partner (Hamburg), and proves that there’s no excuse for boring car ads!

There’s an interesting post which mentions how the ad went viral after testing it before release:

The video proved to be one of the best automotive videos ever tested, scoring significantly above average on key criteria like enjoyment, brand fit and brand appeal. As a result, Volkswagen released the video on Youtube.de where it was watched over 2 million times and uploaded by others. The video’s success prompted Volkswagen to use it on TV, and at last count the video had received over 36 million views across all platforms.

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Volkswagen – Eyes on the Road

The advertisement, set in what appears to be a movie theater in Hong Kong, shows an audience watching intently as it’s presented a driver’s seat view out of the windshield of a moving car.
However, after a few moments, a mass text — sent on purpose from inside the theater — goes out to all the moviegoers.

Not a complex concept, but quite a strong ad. Probably one of the best I’ve seen for car safety ads.

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New Volkswagen Advert: Think Blue

A new advert to demonstrate our fuel-saving Start/Stop technology – which automatically switches off the car’s engine when stationary available across the Volkswagen range.

Client: Volkswagen
Communications Manager: Natalie Lamont
National Communications Manager: Kirsten Stagg
Marketing Director: Rod McLeod
Project: Think Blue
Agency: Adam&EveDDB, London
Executive Creative Director: Jeremy Craigen
Creative: Nikki Lindman
Creative: Toby Brewer
Planner: Tom Lloyd
Media Agency: Mediacom
Media Planner: Chantelle Ratner
Agency TV Producer: Lucy Westmore
Account Director: Jaimie Jennings
Managing Partner: Jonathan Hill
Business Director: Paul Billingsley
Account Manager: Tom Trevelyan
Production Company: Outsider
Director: James Rouse
Producer: Benji Howell
Audio Postproduction: Factory Sound
Postproduction: Work Post
Media: TV, Cinema, Online

Amazing! Such a simple concept, but the sleep deprived emotions from the father, and the lip smacking sleepy baby make this.
I don’t have a baby and I can relate to this! Subtle comedy mixed with real life.

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