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Brand Identity: Kaibosh

Design agency Snask were commissioned by Norweigen eyewear company Kaibosh to create a brand identity for both their general campaign and for in-store design. Encompassing the requirements from Kaibosh, Snask created an identity using a custom typeface (Sentrum) and bold icons for a colourful, fashionable and expressive rebrand.


I love this! “Eyes before guys” ha!

The brand and tonality was translated into visual form and matched with a custom-made display typeface, named Sentrum, made to suit the in-store signage. We added two eyelashes as a symbol to distinguish the identity and to use as graphic elements for many different scenarios. We created the entire flagship store with shelving systems, signage, colours, murals, etc. The project ranged from a typeface and still life photos to campaigns, fashion photography, notebooks and towels.




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Mastercard: 20 Years


Michael Bierut and Luke Hayman have created a new visual identity Mastercard, whilst staying loyal to the iconic overlapped circles created in 1968. The flat design (very on-trend!) was definitely a great choice, in my opinion, and the new typeface works well with the new ‘digital’ aesthetic they’re moving towards. In fact, the new font was inspired by the brand’s 1979 branding, which used typography with a circular structure.

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