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Peta | Behind the Leather

Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Bangkok teamed up with PETA Asia to launch this shocking pop-up shop in one of Bangkok’s hippest shopping malls to show consumers the suffering behind every exotic-skins bag, belt, jacket, and pair of gloves or shoes.

This is great! Right up my street.

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EU set to ban animal testing for cosmetics forever

Campaign pioneers The Body Shop and Cruelty Free International celebrate after 20 years of activism. 

After over 20 years of campaigning, ethical beauty retailer The Body Shop and non-profit organisation Cruelty Free International are finally celebrating the end to animal testing for cosmetics in Europe with the anticipated announcement that the import and sale of animal tested cosmetic products and ingredients is to be banned in the EU on 11th March 2013.

This ground breaking victory means that from 11th March onwards, anyone who wishes to sell new cosmetic products and ingredients in the EU must not test them on animals anywhere in the world. The ban affects all cosmetics including toiletries and beauty products from soap to toothpaste. The Body Shop is one of the few beauty brands who will not be affected by the ban, having always been Against Animal Testing. 

The Body Shop and Cruelty Free International are launching a range of special commemorative activities in the countdown to 11th March, sparked by personal confirmation from Commissioner Tonio Borg that the ban is due to go ahead as proposed.  Mr Borg wrote in a recent letter to the animal testing campaigners, “I believe that the ban should enter into force in March 2013 as Parliament and Council have already decided. I am therefore not planning to propose a postponement or derogation to the ban.”

The proposed ban sends a strong message worldwide in support of cruelty free beauty and in particular to countries such as China, who still demand animal testing for cosmetics, to also respond and ban testing on animals. 

Cruelty Free International Chief Executive, Michelle Thew said: “This is truly an historic event and the culmination of over 20 years of campaigning. Now we will apply our determination and vision on a global stage to ensure that the rest of the world follows this lead.”

Paul McGreevy, International Values Director at The Body Shop paid tribute to customers who have supported the company’s campaign against animal testing in cosmetics for many years and said: “This great achievement in Europe is only the closure of one chapter. The future of beauty must be cruelty free.”

In 1991, the BUAV (founder of Cruelty Free International) established a European coalition of leading animal protection organisations across Europe (ECEAE) with the objective to end the use of animal testing for cosmetics. This set in motion a high-profile public and political campaign across Europe spanning over 20 years.  In 1993, The Body Shop, the first beauty company to take action on animal testing for cosmetics, supported   the campaign by enlisting the support of its consumers across Europe. Three years later in 1996, Dame Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop, joined members of the ECEAE and MEPs in presenting a petition containing 4 million signatures to the European Commission.

In 2012, the BUAV established Cruelty Free International, the first global organisation dedicated to ending cosmetics animal testing worldwide. The Body Shop together with Cruelty Free International launched a new international campaign which has so far resulted in customers from 55 countries signing a global pledge supporting an end to animal testing for cosmetics forever

Cruelty Free International Chief Executive Michelle Thew is meeting with Commissioner Tonio Borg on Wednesday 30th January on behalf of the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE) to discuss the implementation of the ban.


Well that’s just bloody wonderful!! Very happy about this.

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Horsemeat discovered in beefburgers on sale at Tesco and Iceland

Ok I know I’m a bit late with this, but I’ve been super busy! Better late than never, because I simply could not hold back my opinions of this [hilarious] ‘discovery’.


Horsemeat has been discovered in beefburgers sold by the supermarket giants Tesco and Iceland, it emerged tonight. Investigators said that in Tesco’s Everday Value burgers, horsemeat accounted for almost one third of the meat content.

The Republic of Ireland’s food safety authority (FSAI) claimed meat with “horse DNA” sold in UK and Irish supermarkets had originated from two processing plants in Ireland – Liffey Meats and Silvercrest Foods – and the Dalepak Hambleton plant in north Yorkshire.

The Food Standards Agency, working with the Irish authorities, established that mainland Britain was part of the area affected. A spokesman said: “At this stage it is not believed to be a food safety risk.

“We are aware that investigations are ongoing to ascertain how or why horsemeat was used in the products.”

A total of 27 beef products were analysed by the FSAI with 10 containing horse DNA and a further 23 containing traces of pig DNA.

Tesco was informed of the test results today and immediately withdrew from sale all products from the processing plants, said its group technical director Tim Smith last night. “The presence of illegal meat in our products is extremely serious,” he added. “We understand that many of our customers will be concerned by this news, and we apologise sincerely for any distress.”

The FSAI analysis also found traces of horse DNA in batches of raw ingredients, including some imported from the Netherlands and Spain.

Professor Alan Reilly, the FSAI chief executive, said there was “no clear explanation” for the presence of horse DNA in beef burgers. “In Ireland it is not in our culture to eat horsemeat and therefore we do not expect to find it in a burger.”

The Labour MP Barry Gardiner, who sits on the Food, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee, said: “Big companies like Iceland and Tesco are responsible for their supply chain and for verifying whether their suppliers are giving them what they should be delivered. It is abhorrent that the suppliers appear to have adulterated the burgers in this way”

Iceland said it had noted the FSAI’s findings “with concern”. A statement from the chain said it would work with suppliers to investigate the issue. The budget supermarket Aldi confirmed that its Oakhurst Beef Burgers range on sale in Ireland had been affected and had been withdrawn from sale.

FSAI investigators said the findings raised concerns about “the traceability of meat ingredients and products entering the food chain”. They added that Jews and Muslims may have unwittingly eaten pork.

John Bryan, president of the Irish Farmers Association, said: “Nothing or no one can be allowed to compromise the high standards and reputation of Irish-produced food.”

Liffey Meats blamed the contamination on “imported ingredients”. A spokesman said: “We sincerely regret that any product produced by the company would not conform to the highest specifications and sincerely apologise to our customers.” Silvercrest added that it had “never purchased or traded in equine product”.


Firstly, everyone’s reactions “Oh my god, I can’t believe this, it’s disgusting!!” were just bizarre. I’ve lived more than half of my life knowing this. I was genuinely very shocked to discover that people were so outraged. Obviously, the main reason that I’m a vegetarian is because I believe it is wrong (for ME) to eat meat, but additionally, I have been brought up on a very healthy, natural diet. So, being fully aware of what goes into meat products for 12 years entirely suppressed any desire to eat any form of meat.

It’s like, if an article posted “shocking truth: our future generations will be immune to antibiotics – battery animals pumped with drugs”, I think I’d throw myself off a bridge. What planet is everyone living on?!


This also reminds me of the reaction to the guy who received a weird looking KFC meal that looked like brain. But that’s what processed meat is … Just because the liver (or whatever it was) was whole, and you could see it, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t in everything else – they just forgot to blend it!

I mean, I see nothing wrong with eating other animals (if you already eat them) or eating different parts of the animal. I see no difference between a chicken leg and a chicken arsehole and a pig’s ear. Obviously, for religious reasons it is unfair and deceiving, but I think if you eat meat, you have to expect it. In ready meals, sandwiches, salads etc. you have to expect to have chicken pumped with 90% water, or mince beef with other meats in it. That is how the industry works, and that is why meat is so cheap.

It doesn’t bother some people, and I applaud that. And although I don’t eat meat, if I did, I would see no difference between eating a pig, or a cow, or a dog, or a horse. All animals are living beings. In China, they eat dog, and I see absolutely nothing wrong with that if you eat other animals. Just because a cow or a chicken is not usually domesticated, doesn’t mean it is any different to a ‘pet’.


One of the main reasons as to why the meat industry is the way it is, is because cheap meat is imported from countries with different food regulations to the UK. For example, cheap prawns are kept in sewage in different countries, then imported here. Same for the meat – once it is processed in another country, who knows what’s in it?


I appreciate that it is very hard to shop for food correctly when you are a student or on a low income, especially when there are so many cheap offers available. I do, however, hope that people research what they are eating, and actually bother to change their diet. I’m not saying this because I don’t want people to eat horse penis (I really don’t care, it’s all the same – you’ve eaten it before, even if you don’t realise), I’m saying it because processed, cheap meat is dangerous – it is FULL of chemicals, salts and sugars that are beyond unhealthy. When I have children, I will not let any form of processed meat touch their lips. McDonald’s burgers have to be served with pickle (unless requested) otherwise the burger will be counted as confectionary (dessert) because it has so much sugar in it!!! The desire for people to put these things in their bodies, and their children’s bodies, is just beyond me.

If you do want to know more, do some research, watch some documentaries, or read Felicity Lawrence’s great book ‘Not On the Label: What Really Goes into the Food on Your Plate’.

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Take a look at what REALLY happens to your food…


I literally do not know how anyone can look at these images and not feel sick. I immediately feel heartbroken sadness looking at living creatures being treated like their lives don’t matter. How can anyone with a heart support this? It’s just disgusting.

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