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Project Embrace | #AFROVISIBILITY

Ad agency (and previous place of employment for yours truly when I had just started out) Quiet Storm were commissioned by branding agency Vine Creatives to create a series of posters for Project Embrace.

The campaign aims to shine the light on every day women of colour who are proud of their natural hair. #Afrovisibility is a reaction to the fact that Afro hair is rarely seen in any advertising, let alone on giant city-centre billboards, but these will feature in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Southampton, Newcastle and Glasgow.

The outdoor campaign by Quiet Storm features beautifully shot, powerful imagery featuring black women, all cast through an open audition, which includes a teacher, a finance manager, a writer, a receptionist, a student and an HR partner. The tag line “Proud to be me” boldly overlays these real women who are celebrating their natural hair.
In the last few years I have taken an interest in educating myself about the pressures placed on black women to change their hair to more European styles, and this is very evident in film, TV, music and advertising. With more and more more women of colour bravely sharing their stories of traction alopecia (hair loss from sewn in weaves and braids) and their stories of hating their own hair, it is a wonderful for black women of all ages and backgrounds to see that they shouldn’t feel pressurised to spend money on expensive weaves or straighten their hair, and should embrace the ‘fro!

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For Goodness Shakes


To deliver instant fame on a nom­inal budget for For Good­ness Shakes’ new pre-mixed pro­tein shake, in a mar­ket dom­in­ated by mix-it-yourself powders.


That when you see a guy cas­u­ally shak­ing their pro­tein mixer, it doesn’t just look faintly ridicu­lous but often like they are enga­ging in a rather less savoury act altogether.


Start­ing with the pro­pos­i­tion that ‘we shake so you don’t have to’, and with a need to get people talk­ing and shar­ing, there was really only one place for us to go! Pro­mot­ing the no-fuss bene­fits of an already mixed pro­tein shake versus powders you have to mix your­self, we developed a cheeky social film dram­at­iz­ing the prob­lems with doing ‘it’ in pub­lic that all guys who shake would recognise.


With only £15,000 to spend on social seed­ing, we gen­er­ated nearly 700,000 views in one week, with a sim­ilar volume of PR. And given that there is no such thing as bad pub­li­city, being banned on the basis of just one com­plaint pushed us well over a mil­lion views, and star­ted the PR band­wagon rolling once more. In busi­ness terms, the film proved a potent call­ing card and talk­ing point with retail buy­ers, help­ing For Good­ness Shakes secure list­ings in all top 5 super­mar­kets and to well exceed their volume expect­a­tions in the processs.


Whilst applying for a Junior Art Director role at Quiet Storm, I came across this hilarious ad for protein shakes. Let’s hope I get the job!

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