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Portia Munson: The Pink Project

Frieze Art Fair 2016 (Regent’s Park) features some fantastic work, including that of Portia Munson, who explores gender in a cultural sense. The Pink Project: Table, part of the P.P.O.W. gallery (New York), was first exhibited in 1994, and updated in 2010. The installation includes Portia’s personal collection of pink objects ranging from storage, to hairbrushes, to toys, to sex toys…

The installation explores how capitalism and consumerism has pushed the colour pink into the female psyche, and Munson’s interest in the cultural connotations of pink for girls, blue for boys (which is an absolutely ridiculous and illogical ideology, by the way).


I previously researched and wrote about Portia whilst at university, creating my Final Major Project (Your Penis Looks Weird: Campaign for Gendered Intelligence). Portia’s exploration of how we consume gender-based products was hugely influential regarding the research of this subject in my final year at university. Here’s what Portia has to say about the background inspirations for her work:

I would say I’m an environmentalist and a feminist and what I mean by that is that I think that I’m really interested in this obsession with consumption that our culture has. And so a lot of my work is really looking at that. And I was born in the beginning of the sixties and just being a woman in the world, I feel fortunate to live in this country. Gender issues are definitely something I’m concerned about. Right now, my real top interest is environmental issues and how we consume so much stuff which also translates into polluting.

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