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Old Spice: Rocket Car

Before you’ve even pressed play, you know it’s going to be good – Old Spice never fails to deliver! (… well, Wieden+Kennedy).
The satirical spot by W+K sees a confident man ‘push himself to the limits’, parodying every other male grooming ad out there with a hilarious background narrative from the main character. My favourite part of the narrative is: “Should I have taken even a basic ground-level engineering course of some type? Yes. Yes, I should have” before eventually crashing and blowing up in flames!

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Old Spice – Drill to Brazil

I couldn’t care less about the world cup, but I definitely care about another hilarious Old Spice ad, with lots of screaming.

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Old Spice – ‘Flex 3:0’ advert

Now this is bloody awful, what the hell?!

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Old Spice – ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ advert

Another fantastic advert! Cleverly targeting male insecurities by pretending to be talking to women watching the advert, whilst claiming that you could do better if your man used this. Nicely done.

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