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Ruined Faces of Smokers Are Turned Into Halloween Masks in Britain

“A series of shocking masks have been designed to demonstrate the real and frightening health risks associated with smoking.

As well as highlighting the horrors of mouth and throat cancers, macular degeneration and periodontal disease, the masks show premature ageing of the skin and early greying of the hair, as part of a new campaign.

The masks were inspired by health warnings on cigarette packets and are designed to educate and shock smokers into giving up cigarettes.”

the masks (pictured) show premature ageing “At first, I was tempted to say these masks go too far and seem to display the ravages of crystal meth more than smoking. In fact, that’s not the case. Smoking can do hella harm to one’s personal appearance, which often holds the key to identity and self-esteem. Playing on vanity might prove jarring enough to get smokers to at least consider quitting. Imagine looking into a mirror someday and seeing an image that resembles one of these masks. That’s a possibility no one wants to face.”

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