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GoVoteBot: Facebook and The US General Election

I may be British, but I have a real interest in American politics (it’s kind of unavoidable if you use social media, right?) Incredibly, only half of Americans took part in the last election, so Ad Council (a Chicago-based nonprofit organisation) took on yet another social campaign, partnering with R/GA to create a Facebook Messenger chatbot.


The chatbot was developed in partnership with Reply.ai, as a way to get the millennials (and first-time voters) to register for the polls before the deadline. Additionally, based on research suggesting problems with voters who have moved residence, they plan to target Facebook users whose profiles indicate they have recently moved.

Our mission is really to inspire action and save lives through positive change really harnessing the media to help do that through something like this or to encourage better civic engagement

– Dzu Bui, the Ad Council’s Vice President of campaign development

Ad council also wants to get brands to place the chatbot on their own pages, working with them to design brand assets that will complement the GoVoteBot. The chatbot provides users with information about registering in their state and about voting early on Election Day by obtaining info from Google Civic and the U.S. Vote Foundation.


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