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Anomoly: Dear Satan

Amazing Christmas creatives don’t always come in the form of TV ads. Advertising agencies often create ‘holiday cards’ or animations to send to clients and post on social media. This year, ad agency Anomaly have created a hilarious 2D animation, with a holiday twist called Dear Satan:

The short film is narrated by the legendary Patrick Stewart, and was written, directed, animated and produced by Anomaly. The narrative focuses on what happens when you make a typo in an amusing tale about Satan’s frozen heart feeling compassion for the first time. I won’t ruin the rest of the film!

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Volkswagen: Laughing Horses

I’ve discovered a gem – an ad for VW’s ‘Park Assist’ feature from their Tiguan model campaign (2016). The advert is by Grabarz & Partner (Hamburg), and proves that there’s no excuse for boring car ads!

There’s an interesting post which mentions how the ad went viral after testing it before release:

The video proved to be one of the best automotive videos ever tested, scoring significantly above average on key criteria like enjoyment, brand fit and brand appeal. As a result, Volkswagen released the video on Youtube.de where it was watched over 2 million times and uploaded by others. The video’s success prompted Volkswagen to use it on TV, and at last count the video had received over 36 million views across all platforms.

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GEICO: Raccoons, C’mon Try It!

The Martin Agency has created funny TV ad for GEICO insurance:

When raccoons are rummaging through your garbage, they have to come across some nasty leftovers, even for them. And we’ll bet they’re just like rest of us when they do inevitably bite into the gross remnants from last Wednesday’s dinner; they can’t help but get their raccoon friends to try it.

The TV ad is totally overshadowed by the hilarious YouTube spots, showing a comical series of videos called Raccookin’, where a monotone raccoon gives a YouTube cooking tutorial using a gross concoction of ingredients found in bins.

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Jewish Grandparents: it’s time to defeat Donald Trump

During Barack Obama’s Election (2008), comedian Sara Silverman encouraged young Jews to convince their grandparents to vote for Obama. Now, the tables have turned and it’s the hilarious Jewish grandparents who are taking to the stand (or the camera) to make the American millennials vote for Hillary Clinton. Bend the Arc Jewish Action’s national campaign is part of the We’ve Seen This Before (referencing Nazi Germany) campaign, which encourages the younger generation to get out and vote.

Whilst the first half of the video contains a more serious discussion regarding Trump’s racist bigotry, and the links between these narcissistic views and the Nazis, the second half of the video contains a hilarious series of threats from the future ghosts of grandma and grandpa:

If you don’t vote – if you don’t vote for Hillary – and that crazy Trump man is elected – I’ll haunt you when I die.

Here are some of my favourite quotes from the video:

My ghost will make sure that the kale in your fridge will rot twice as fast.

I will haunt your Tindr and only let you swipe right on the rabbi’s daughters.

When you’re having a dinner party, my ghost will come down and say something racist. But if you’re voting for Trump you probably don’t care.

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Adobe’s New Clothing Line: Stock Photos

This is a hilarious campaign about Adobe Stock, featuring stock imagery that’s polar-opposite to the cheesy crap featured on these garments. Adobe Stock Apparel was created by Swedish ad agency Abby Priest aiming to give “… a salute to the most infamous stock images creatives love to hate.”



I have to say, this is all too relatable. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time on certain projects throughout my career sifting through the horrendous stock imagery for hours and hours… Whilst it is a definite test of patience, it is also weirdly great entertainment. I even recognise the old couple on the featured image above! Those guys.

There’s even a Look Book.


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HelloFlo | Aunt Flo

After “Camp Gyno” and “First Moon Party”, HelloFlo have done it again! These campaigns always stand out from the other female hygiene, pouring blue liquid (why blue, shouldn’t it be red?….) onto a sanitary towel ads.

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Snakebite | Adobe Marketing Cloud

“This new spot reminds us that we can’t just look at data in a silo. Everything we do as marketers culminates in an experience for our customers. Even if some of the numbers look good, the overall experience may still be poor. We want to help marketers think in terms of experience, not just performance.”

– Alex Amado, VP of experience marketing at Adobe

This ad explores the consequences of not managing marketing properly, and encourages marketers to look at the data; know their audiences; understand the performance of their marketing efforts; look more broadly in marketing.

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Allstate – Dean Winters


Another classic! My favourite is definitely the ‘Teenage Girl’.

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For Goodness Shakes


To deliver instant fame on a nom­inal budget for For Good­ness Shakes’ new pre-mixed pro­tein shake, in a mar­ket dom­in­ated by mix-it-yourself powders.


That when you see a guy cas­u­ally shak­ing their pro­tein mixer, it doesn’t just look faintly ridicu­lous but often like they are enga­ging in a rather less savoury act altogether.


Start­ing with the pro­pos­i­tion that ‘we shake so you don’t have to’, and with a need to get people talk­ing and shar­ing, there was really only one place for us to go! Pro­mot­ing the no-fuss bene­fits of an already mixed pro­tein shake versus powders you have to mix your­self, we developed a cheeky social film dram­at­iz­ing the prob­lems with doing ‘it’ in pub­lic that all guys who shake would recognise.


With only £15,000 to spend on social seed­ing, we gen­er­ated nearly 700,000 views in one week, with a sim­ilar volume of PR. And given that there is no such thing as bad pub­li­city, being banned on the basis of just one com­plaint pushed us well over a mil­lion views, and star­ted the PR band­wagon rolling once more. In busi­ness terms, the film proved a potent call­ing card and talk­ing point with retail buy­ers, help­ing For Good­ness Shakes secure list­ings in all top 5 super­mar­kets and to well exceed their volume expect­a­tions in the processs.


Whilst applying for a Junior Art Director role at Quiet Storm, I came across this hilarious ad for protein shakes. Let’s hope I get the job!

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