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The Greatest Story – The Good Guys Christmas – Unicef Sweden

Hilarious Christmas ad! There are two more ads from this campaign, but I think this one was the best.
I can’t imagine this would be received too well in the USA!

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The Daily Show: John Oliver’s Australia & Gun Control’s Aftermath

“John Oliver learns it’s pointless for America to study the Australian gun control experience because the situations are just too similar.

The similarities between Australia and America are pretty striking. The enormous difference, however, is the distinct lack of pro-gun special-interest power in the Australian government. If that blows your mind, check this out: Australian gun control was enacted by conservative politicians against the will of their conservative constituency. If Australian politicians can overlook a powerful minority to pass something that a nationwide majority approves of, why can’t our own suits and ties do it too?”

Hilarious! And so true. In my opinion, the ownership of guns is not a vital human right. Knowing your child is safe at a school or university without the risk of being shot IS!

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Parody of Dove’s new campaign

I posted about Dove’s sketches campaign, and a parody has been created!

“Ogilvy Brazil’s “Real Beauty Sketches” campaign for Dove took the Internet by storm this week with its clever use of a forensics artist to show women that they’re really more beautiful than they think. What would happen if you tried the same experiment on men? Check out the brilliant parody below from New Feelings Time Comedy. Let’s just say guys get the opposite results—but end up getting a little weepy just the same. “Men. You’re less beautiful than you think.” And you ain’t no movie stars.”

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