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Canon: Rebel with a Cause

*Do not watch if you are in an emotional disposition*

My heart has melted. To celebrate Canon EOS Rebel’s 25th birthday, Canon created the ‘Rebel with a Cause’ campaign to empower professional photographers and modern day ‘rebels’:

As part of the final phase of Rebel With A Cause, we invited people to tell us what makes them a rebel, and from there our contest winner was selected. Meet our latest Rebel With A Cause, Guinnevere Shuster. She’s an animal activist and photographer who stands out as a true modern day rebel. Guinnevere gave shelter dog, Willa, the best day of her life to show how much life she has to live. Unfortunately, 3,300 shelter dogs are euthanized every day in America. This is Willa’s story. There’s a rebel in all of us.

I thought my job was great – Shuster’s is just something else!
The creative is so much better than the usual animal adoption PSA-style ads, and adds personality to the dogs rather than showing them abused and hours away from euthanasia.

Don’t forget… adopt, don’t shop.

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