Airbnb: Post-Election Ad

What does it mean to accept?
To open your heart and home to a stranger, who looks different than you, thinks differently, has a completely foreign lifestyle, or a birthplace from another part of the globe?
Airbnb is asking everyone on our platform to accept our community commitment.
Which means discrimination on the part of any individual won’t be tolerated.
And that inclusivity is the only way forward.

In a short film, Airbnb (produced in-house) shows numerous faces from all different backgrounds as part of the Community Commitment campaign. Resonating the recent political tragedy that saw a bigot elected as the Leader of the “Free World”, Airbnb have made users sign this nondiscrimination pledge:

I agree to treat everyone in the Airbnb community—regardless of their race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or age—with respect, and without judgment or bias.

Fun Fact:
As a huge LGBT ally I instantly spotted Nya Cruz from FuseTV’s ‘Transcendent’ – a reality TV show/documentary series that follows the lives on trans* women trying to make it in showbiz, at a club called Asia SF. Interestingly, Nya recently shamed Uber for the highly offensive transphobic abuse she received by drivers during a $6 Uber ride. She bravely posted the e-mail sent to Uber on Instagram, shaming the drivers involved. Perhaps this is Nya’s “f*ck you” to Uber, and a not-so-subtly hint at how customers should be treated.

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