OneHope Wines: Charles Faircloth

Ad agency Erich & Kallman created this ad for OneHope wines. Behind the humour, the main message is that the brand donated a percentage of all its sales to charity –  so far they’ve donated more than $2 million, providing clinical trials for cancer patients, animal shelters, meals for children, life-saving vaccines… the list goes on.

So, instead of filming a bunch of starving children or mistreated dogs in black-and-white with Sarah McLachlan’s ‘Angels’ as the soundtrack, Erich & Kallman created Faircloth. Charles is a stuck-up, filthy rich heir to fictional ‘Faircloth Wines’. He boasts of all the things he’s bought, all the things he’s done and all the things he has but doesn’t need. Directed by Aaron Stoller (Biscuit Filmworks), the first half of the ad was done in one single shot.

As OneHope works with actual renowned and expensive wineries worldwide, the idea was certainly a risky concept, but the creative wanted to produce something different and shareable. OneHope even made a website for Faircloth Wines, with a hilarious headline “EST. A long time ago. The Best Wine Ever”. The paradoxical concept of a self-absorbed, money hungry millionaire compared to the generosity and benevolence of the company makes for a very unique way to promote both a brand and worthwhile causes.

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