Exterion & TFL: London is Open

Earlier on in the year the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, asked creatives to submit their ideas for the #LondonIsOpen campaign, which was commissioned by Art on the Underground to demonstrate that London is still open to people of all backgrounds despite the awful aftermath of the EU referendum.

The campaign ran across all 270 London Tube stations, including work from Gillian Wearing, Tania Bruguera and Mark Titchner, amongst many others. The posters appeared as both print and digital, with a running theme of inclusivity and diversity.

Sadiq Khan said:

This campaign is about what kind of city we want to live in – and I’m proud to be working with the mayor to get across the message that our capital is a place where everyone is welcome.



Now, Canary Wharf station has been given the largest ever Tube advertising screens (7.2m x 4m each). The artwork called “No them only us” was created by Mark Titchner for the #LondonIsOpen campaign, in collaboration with the station’s architects Foster & Partners, which greets tube users in the main ticket hall.

Whilst this campaign cost £1.1bn (that is ridiculous!) the message is really important at a time when xenophobic and racist attacks are on a rise after the EU referendum debate. I’m not sure how long the ads are running for, but I hope they stay up for a long time.


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