Carluccio’s: Rebrand. It’s a no from me.

Creative consultancy Frontroom London worked with Carcluccio’s to rebrand the Italian restaurant, aiming to keep the millennials in mind.


‘Savour the little things’ is the idiology they went for, emphasising the dining experience and authenticity of the brand.  Jackie Davis (CD at Frontroom) has said that the graphic style and logo for Carluccio’s was previously old fashioned, and explains the design route for the rebrand:

We wanted to get back to simplicity. It’s not about serving food on wooden boards, or about being bashed over the head with hanging hams – it’s just about good food, good friends and good times, without sounding too cheesy.

I hate to be a party-pooper, but I hate it. It’s still old fashioned… I’m getting some serious ‘American Typewriter’ vibes here. It’s very shouty, and all-caps usually only works with a nice, slim, sans-serif typeface. Whilst I appreciate that the style was inspired by Italian architects such as Gio Ponti and Carlo Scarpa, I cannot see any link between the new creative direction and appealing to a younger audience. The font is outdated and so is the colour-scheme.

Don’t get me started on the illustrations.

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3 thoughts on “Carluccio’s: Rebrand. It’s a no from me.

  1. I was wondering what they were thinking with the all caps and the font as well. This is what happens when non-millennials claim to understand millennials.

    Also I think you have a typo: party-pooper

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