Domestic Violence Has No Place Here

For National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, independent ad agency Quigley-Simpson were commissioned by Los Angeles Police Department and mayor Eric Garcetti’s office to create a series of outdoor ads (in English and Spanish). They feature on benches, bus shelters and billboards around Los Angeles.




This campaign is a far cry from the usual technique of creating a campaign using graphic imagery of the consequences of domestic attacks. However, this certainly doesn’t make the message any less powerful or thought-provoking! If anything, I prefer this direction because it almost catches you off guard, and makes you think more than a sensationalised image of a bloody face would. I think you read into it more and pay more attention, because the message is not immediately obvious – whereas a lot of people would turn away from an image of a beaten face.


Props to the agency for using men and women – PSAs often only target domestic abuse towards women, whilst the majority of men suffer in silence with little support.

Now, time to be critical… As I’ve mentioned countless times, campaigns for social change make me so proud to be part of this industry, and I love this campaign’s concept. But what the hell is the art direction? It is so poor, it totally takes it away from the fabulous idea. There is a serious disconnect between copy quality and design quality here…


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