As someone with 3 tattoos, from 3 different tattoo studios, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time over the years researching studios and artists for each inking. As a creative, I have naturally picked up on branding, website design and social media identities that the studios present themselves as… and they are all crap. It’s been hard not to make judgements upon the artists themselves when the visual identities they display are painful to a designer’s eye. Perhaps the reasons for a lack of concern when it comes to branding is to do with money, or it could simply be to do with studios relying on tattoo subculture to bring back the same customers, and recommend certain artists to other inked folk. However, in my case, I can’t even count on one hand anyone I know who is passionate about tattoos and body art! So I’ve had to rely on personal experience rather than knowing who to get inked by through association, which meant digging deep into the many studios London has to offer.


So, the new brand identity for by Minima Advertising People from Poznań, Poland, is wonderfully refreshing (weirdly, I really dislike Minima’s own website….). In my experience, all tattoo studio websites are dark, dingy and so poorly designed, with often pixelated images and no clearly distinguished brand.’s new identity couldn’t be more opposite – and this communicates the artistry and philosophy of the tattooists, rather than the usual, dark portrayal that a lot of people still have about those who are inked. I love the basic colour palette, the type-face and the minimal but clear imagery.


If were a London based studio, just by their visual identity alone I would choose them over a website that looks like a 16-year-old built it at home for a web design school assignment. The clean, clinical style embodies fashion, professionalism and the artistic individuality of tattoo art. These are all important aspects of tattoos, which are often overlooked due to negative opinions (somehow still) surrounding body art. have said that their “main aim is to popularise tattoo and body art through our activity and co-operation with the members of the tattoo subculture. The communication strategy designed by Minima clearly reflects our philosophy.”

It gets a thumbs-up from me!

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