Jewish Grandparents: it’s time to defeat Donald Trump

During Barack Obama’s Election (2008), comedian Sara Silverman encouraged young Jews to convince their grandparents to vote for Obama. Now, the tables have turned and it’s the hilarious Jewish grandparents who are taking to the stand (or the camera) to make the American millennials vote for Hillary Clinton. Bend the Arc Jewish Action’s national campaign is part of the We’ve Seen This Before (referencing Nazi Germany) campaign, which encourages the younger generation to get out and vote.

Whilst the first half of the video contains a more serious discussion regarding Trump’s racist bigotry, and the links between these narcissistic views and the Nazis, the second half of the video contains a hilarious series of threats from the future ghosts of grandma and grandpa:

If you don’t vote – if you don’t vote for Hillary – and that crazy Trump man is elected – I’ll haunt you when I die.

Here are some of my favourite quotes from the video:

My ghost will make sure that the kale in your fridge will rot twice as fast.

I will haunt your Tindr and only let you swipe right on the rabbi’s daughters.

When you’re having a dinner party, my ghost will come down and say something racist. But if you’re voting for Trump you probably don’t care.

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