Eminem, I’m disappointed in you.

Eminem has been on the music scene since my childhood, and I’ve enjoyed his songs, lyrics, videos and his witty humour. His success makes him no less of a rapper than underground artists (despite many of them believing so), and I fully appreciate the message of his song ‘Rap God’. However, his use (I typed ‘overuse’, then back tracked … it should never be used) of the word ‘fag’ and ‘faggot’ has made me lose all respect for him. Perhaps I have missed, in the past, previous use of this word in his songs, but in ‘Rap God’, he says it 4 times. There is no justification for using such an offensive word (the same goes for ‘nigger’, of which many black artists use … which I cannot fathom any justification for), and I believe as long as such influential people continue to use derogatory; crass language, homophobia (and general discrimination) will continue to exist. Particularly, in the case of todays youth, where using ‘gay’ as an adjective is common in every day conversation. Whilst I (ashamedly) had used this in my early teen years, as it was popular to do so, I am repeatedly shocked to hear people of my own age (18-21+) using ‘gay’ to describe something negative. I wish every person who decides to use this word as an adjective replace it with the word ‘black’, and see how stupid and offensive it sounds.
Just the other day I was watching the fantastic series on ITV1 ‘Masters of Sex’, and the doctor treated a patient from ‘the negro ward’ – both my partner and I looked at each in a ‘wtf?!’ manner, and I have this exact same reaction when people use ‘gay’ as an adjective or openly use the word ‘fag’/’faggot’. (As Macklemore once said in ‘Same Love’, “humans rights for everybody, there is no difference”!!!) It is of huge importance of me to make it clear to people that using such language is ignorant, OFFENSIVE and moronic. Using a sexuality as an adjective or the way to describe someone negatively is simply simple-minded and puerile. We do not (most of us, I’d hope) use the ‘n word’ to describe black people anymore, and I hope for the same with gay people.
I do not think people (especially of my generation) appreciate how amazingly far the world has developed with human rights, particularly LGBT rights. You don’t have to be gay/bi/trans/whatever to appreciate the positive impact equality has on the world, you simply need to have an open mind, an open heart, and a clear, intelligent understanding of what is offensive. [If you think this is an overreaction, I feel genuinely disheartened and sorry for you that you cannot put yourself in someone else’s shoes, that you cannot relate and sympathise with others, even if they share no similarities with you. We are all human.] I believe the impact words have on people, especially young people, needs to be made clearer.
It is deeply insulting to thousands of people who have protested, sacrificed, and put their lives at risk for MANY years, all over the world, to gain rights for the LGBT community, by using one word. People fought to have black segregation removed (I still can’t fathom that that was actually a thing!!), and we now need to fight for the understanding of sexuality and gender. It is all the same. We are all the same!!!

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