Björn Borg Makes a Colorful Entrance Into Russia With Pro-Gay Ad in Moscow Times

“Swedish fashion house Björn Borg, whose tagline is “Björn Borg says ja!,” (“Björn Borg says yes!”) celebrated the launch of its Russian website with a full-page ad in homophobic Russia’s Moscow Times showing coloured underwear arranged to look like a rainbow. In Russia, homosexuality has been criminalised.

In a press release, marketing director Lina Söderqvist says “the advert is a way for us to reach Russian influencers. Björn Borg as a brand has always advocated equality on all levels.”

The ad’s release coincides with last week’s “We don’t support homosexuals, wait, yes we do” statements from Barilla, followed by Bertolli’s “Love and pasta for all!” comeback. Björn Borg totally takes Paypal if you were thinking of sending a gift to Mr. Putin.”

I think it’s fantastic that a brand are gutsy enough to do something like this, but it does make me wonder … if this was a single human being, wouldn’t they be arrested (and probably abused by police) in Russia, yet nothing will happen to these people, because they’re from a company?…..

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