Motor racing ‘legend’ in homophobia row.

Motor racing ‘legend’ in homophobia row.

Motor racing star Sir Stirling Moss has caused controversy by saying he didn’t want ‘a poofter or anything like that’ to play him in a film.

His comments came during an interview when he said he would like a ‘masculine’ actor like James Bond actor Daniel Craig to portray him in any biopic.

The 83-year-old Formula One legend then made matters worse by backtracking, claiming he had ‘homosexual friends’ and that ‘there’s nothing wrong with it’.


So, obviously, I think ‘poofter’ is a homophobic slur… but, the comments on this article are unbelievable! I was in genuine shock reading them.

“So what ever heard of freedom of speech” 129 green arrows

“Stirling Moss, you Sir are a legend and have earned the right to say what ever you want” 150 green arrows

“I think the man (Sir Stirling Moss) had every right to say what he said, after all the movie is about him! Maybe the days are coming to an end where we the ‘heterosexuals’ are not going to tip toe around the homosexuals any more. We’ve wrapped them up in cotton wool for to long now! ‘Afraid’ of hurting ‘their’ feelings, well enough is enough!!” 132 green arrows

“Minority groups and the PC brigade should remember they are a MINORITY and that we are still living in a democracy precarious as it is.” 107 green arrows

“You’ll get what you’re given!” 100 RED arrows!!

“The rife homophobia present in the DM comments section always really saddens me. People throw around the phrase “free speech” much too often. “Freedom of speech” was once used to defend racism and sexism, but not anymore now that the world has caught up with the fact that we’re all born equal. How anyone can applaud someone else for calling an entire group of human beings an offensive word, I don’t understand. I hear of more and more places legalising gay marriage and feel hope as time goes by, but then come online and realise these backwards views and “free speeches” are just as prominent as they were ten years ago. It’s just really sad.” 88 RED arrows!!


In no way should his comment ever be considered ‘freedom of speech’. Pah!! I cannot believe there are still people who think being prejudiced is acceptable. It is offensive! Why is nobody pointing out the fact that ‘manliness’ has NOTHING to do with sexuality?!

I read a comment that said “replace every offensive word in the comments on this page with ‘black’, now see how discriminative it is”. So true! 

Firstly, this guy is an absolute arse for using such language, and secondly, Daniel Craig…? Really…?


Sometimes, I just do not get it.

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