Manufacturers of personal and feminine care products Playtex has introduced ‘intimate wipes’ for you to clean up your “special” parts before and after intercourse. To advertise the wipes called ‘Fresh + Sexy’, the brand came up with a somewhat humorous campaign that contains double entendres. 

“This product was designed to address an important consumer need,” Erik Rahner, a marketing director for the brand, said in a release. “Sex isn’t always a planned event that can be prepared for. With Fresh + Sexy™ wipes, couples now have a way to be clean and ready for even the most spontaneous moments. They can be ready for intimacy whenever–and wherever–the mood strikes.” So these wipes will keep you squeaky clean, both before and after.






That is pretty funny… Not really what you’d expect from a campaign advertising such a product, so I think it works really well!

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