Gender Equality and Education

Something I have been thinking about for the past week is the level of education regarding gender equality. I cannot recall ever being fully informed (both biologically and psychologically) about transgenders in school.

The work of Drew Ashlyn (from the amazing programme ‘My Transsexual Summer’) is very inspiring. She educates people about the LGBT community, particularly transgenderism.
I believe it should be mandatory for schools to have a gender and sexuality pastoral topic on the syllabus. I cannot speak for myself about being transgender like Drew can, but in the future I would absolutely love to campaign for this and make my views public.
I think with this level of knowledge, children who feel like they have been born in the wrong body may perhaps feel more ‘normal’ if everybody knows the psychological and physiological aspects of transgenderism. Anorexia, depression, self harm are all becoming less stigmatised due to education, so I think it is essential that gender and sexuality be part of a child’s pastoral education.

I really believe not enough people are knowledgeable about transsexualism, leading to stereotypes and incorrect facts.

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