Squeeee – Quito the baby Tamandua

That is so adorable

Why Evolution Is True

by Matthew Cobb

At Reid Park Zoo in Tucson, Quito the baby Southern Tamandua (aka a lesser anteater) is weighed in a routine procedure. He’s less than two weeks old… To keep him happy, the zookeepers give him this teddy bear to cling onto (photos and info from www.zooborns.com):

Here’s a close-up of him being held by keeper Leslie:

And here he is, his arms around his bear pal, on the scales:

Southern Tamanduas, Tamanduatetradactyla, are found in scrubland in South America east of the Andes. The BBC website says it is:

An anteater with strong claws and a long, powerful, prehensile tail. Its coat is fawn to dark brown, and in some individuals from the south-eastern part of its range there is a black or dark brown ‘collar’ running from the shoulders to the rump. The nose and tail only have very short, sparse fur. As…

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