Lovely post about Olly! He’s very unique, very talented and a great person 🙂


I was introduced to the music of Olly Chamberlain back in August 2010 when I first met his fellow band member at the time, Max Graham. They were a duo called The Basement Musicians and they successfully gained a reasonable amount of exposure by recording songs (mainly covers) and uploading them onto YouTube. I instantly became hooked when I first heard them and I remember having a stream of their videos on a YouTube playlist I listened to practically everyday for months. Since then Max has moved to New York and is now working as a producer while Olly is busy finishing his degree and working on his music career. Being a huge James Morrison fan I instantly saw a similarity in Olly’s voice but after seeing him live I realised he has a beautiful uniqueness about him. I first saw him perform live last year accompanied with just an acoustic guitar. It was clear he hadn’t…

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