Why don’t the faithful debate each other?

Religion vs Religion is something I’ve always thought about too!

Why Evolution Is True

Maybe I frequent the wrong websites, but I see far more debates in which atheists are pitted against the faithful, or creationists against evolutionists, than those in which the faithful debate each other.  That is, do we ever see liberal theologians like John Haught debate conservative ones like William Lane Craig about whose idea of God is right? Why not pit a Muslim versus a Christian to argue whether Jesus was the son of God? Or a Catholic versus a Christian to argue about hell and morality?

Maybe these things take place, but I doubt that they do with the frequency of the faith-vs.-nonbelief debates. (I’m willing to admit I’m wrong if I’ve missed tons of stuff.)

But if religion/religion debates are infrequent, why is that? Because, I think, religious people realize that by attacking someone else’s superstition, they undermine their own.  By exposing the lack of evidence for…

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